Suzuki Harmonicas are made in many different types and keys.
Suzuki Harmonicas are made in diatonics, chromatics, tremolos, bass, baritones, alto, sopranos and others models.
Suzuki Harmonicas are made in Japan, and are world-famous for there high quality and a wide-ranging of keys.

Diatonic harmonicas from Suzuki in models like the Bluesmaster, Harpmaster, Promaster, Manji, Olive, Fire Breath, HA-20 Hammond, Pipe Humming ect. and the luxurious Fabulous model.
The diatonic harmonicas are importered directly from Japan - quality on the highest level.
Suzuki Chromatic harmonicas are for the more professinal.
Models like the SCX 48, 56, 64, Sirius S-48s, S-56s, S-64cGregoire Maret signature model G-48 and G-48w, and don`t forget the top model Suzuki Fabulous F-64C are a perfect choice of a Suzuki Chromatic harmonica.
Suzuki tremolo harmonicas, the best quality and design. On this page you find classic Suzuki harmonica models as the Winner Tremolo, the SU-24 and the humming models. You can be sure to get a good start on your harmonica career, with a Suzuki harmonica in your hand.
Exclusive Suzuki harmonicas for the professional harmonica musician. Take a look at the baritone, alto and double bass harmonica, and get your own unique Suzuki harmonica.
Suzuki harmonicas boxes and package solutions, like the Promaster, Manji, Bluesmaster, Folkmaster.
With these harmonica package solutions, you will have many different keys near your fingertip in good transportable boxe